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Zoning By-Laws dictate the allowances and restrictions on land within Municipal boundaries.

The following Rural Zoning Districts are hereby established in the RM of Armstrong:

  1. General Development Zoning District (GD)
  2. Agriculture Limited Zoning District (AL)
  3. Agriculture General Zoning District (AG)
  4. Agriculture Intensive Zoning District (AI)
  5. Rural Residential Zoning District (RR)
  6. Rural Commercial-Industrial Zoning District (RCI)
  7. Rural Special Industrial Zoning District (RSI)

For definitions of the above zoning districts, please download Part 2: Zoning Districts.

To view the RM of Armstrong Overall Zoning District Map, please download the Overall Zoning District Map Part 1A and Part 1B

Explore more of the downloadable zoning documents below.