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Heritage & Historic Sites

The Council of the Rural Municipality of Armstrong congratulates the Arborg & District Multicultural Heritage Village Committee Members for preserving the history of the area.

The Local Government District of Armstrong was incorporated on December 28, 1944 by Order-in-Council No. 1007/44, effective January 1, 1945. This Order-in-Council incorporated parts of the Rural Municipalities of Chatfield and Kreuzburg and the whole Rural Municipality of Armstrong.

Local government districts (LGDs) were formed by the Province of Manitoba as a result of rural municipalities becoming bankrupt from the 1930s depression.

The Province controlled the affairs of LGDs by appointing provincial administrators. The first Administrator of the LGD of Armstrong was Mr. R.M. Snider. Mr. Alex Martin was the Administrator from May 11, 1948 to mid 1985. On September 16, 1985, Mr. Don Rybachuk became the Administrator and acted until his retirement in April of 2010.

Provisions for the election of an Advisory Board for the District were made by Order-in-Council No. 1569/68. Six resident taxpayers were elected from six divisions every second year. The Administrator was the Chairman. In 1975 provisions were made to appoint a Chairman from the Advisory Board. Order-in Council No. 1167/75 changed the names of the Chairman and Advisory Board Members to Reeve and Councillors and provided for elections to be held the same as municipalities.

The Province of Manitoba converted local government districts to rural municipalities effective January 1, 1997. This conversion provided the former LGD’s with the same autonomy as municipalities.

Muncipal Heritage Sites

  • St. Michael’s of Archangels Roman Catholic Church - click HERE for more details
    By-Law No. 4/89
  • Peace Lutheran Church - located at the Chatfield Park of Souvenirs Museum
    click HERE for more details
    By-Law No. 6/99
  • Holy Cross Church - click HERE for more details
    By-Law No. 7/99
  • Ukrainian Greek Catholic Parish of Virgin Mary Church - click HERE for more details
    By-Law No. 9/02

OTHER Historic Sites

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church - click HERE for more details


RM of Armstrong War Memorial - click HERE for more details


St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church - Cairn - click HERE for more details

Located on Highway 17 north of Chatfield

Rembrandt School No. 1570 - click HERE for more details


Spruce View School No. 1936 - click HERE for more details