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CFDC East Interlake

About Us

Community Futures East Interlake (formerly NEICOM CFDC) aims to strengthen communities in the East Interlake by developing opportunities.

Community Futures East Interlake accomplishes this by providing business and community development services.

The board of directors at Community Futures East Interlake consists of community representatives from the region. Members of the board volunteer their time to provide community based direction and support to the organization.

With a broad range of skills from community to business development the staff at Community Futures East Interlake are always pleased to assist you.

Business Services

Community Futures East Interlake offers a number of business and financial services that are customized to meet your needs. 

Community Support

Community Economic Development can be described or defined in many different ways. The most clear-cut definition of community economic development is:

Development of the community, by the community, for the community.

The word community comes from the Latin root communitas, which means fellowship. When we look at the word community, we see the two words common and unity

It is important to remember community economic development is planned; it does not just happen on its own. It involves a participatory process whereby a group of people with a common cause get together and identify a common vision(s). These people set development goals and objectives and then put in place a plan to help them achieve their social, economic and other ends.

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