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Members of the public may appear in Delegation at a regular meeting of Council or a Committee for the purpose of providing input on any 

  1. Resolution
  2. By-law
  3. Report
  4. Or another Agenda item

  • Anyone wishing to appear in Delegation must fill out a Delegation Application, found at the bottom of this page or available for pickup at the Office.
    1. Notify the Chief Administrative Officer by 4:30 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the Council Meeting at which the delegation wishes to appear, and at least one hundred twenty (120) hours before the scheduled time of the Committee meeting; 
    2. Advise the Chief Administrative Officer of the matter they would like to address.
  • Delegations of more than one (1) person, must appoint a spokesperson. 
  • Presentations may be made verbally or in writing, or both. All supporting information for verbal presentations and all written presentations must be submitted to the Chief Administration Officer who will determine if Council requires the presentation in advance of the Meeting for review.
  • There shall be a limit of four (4) Delegations per meeting, which will be scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m.. 
  • A member of the public may only appear once per meeting as a Delegation
  • If the item to be addressed is a legal matter or under current or potential legal proceedings, or has been voted upon or otherwise resolved, then the request to appear in Delegation will be refused.
  • Information presented by a member of the public in Delegation shall relate only to the subject matter for which the presentation was originally requested.
  • Verbal presentations shall be limited to ten (10) minutes in length unless there is consent by Council to extend the allotted time.

Please see link below for a copy of the Delegation Application Form

Delegation Application