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Civic Addressing Signage

Blue signs have been put up at the end of driveways. These are the 911 initiative to help emergency persons locate you quicker should you be in need of assistance. It will also be used as your new civic address.

Please memorize your road number (including the NE or NW part) as well as your new civic number (blue sign). You will need both the road number (green sign or road name) as well as the civic number in order for emergency persons to locate you.

Most all residents should by now all have their blue signs posted at the end of their lanes. The RM will supply and install civic addresses at locations/driveways where public utilities are present, i.e. hydro/phone. If you qualify for a sign and don't have one, please call the Municipal Office. Signs can be ordered at a charge for vacant property. If you have a sign, please make sure it matches the number on your telephone land line (Bell MTS) bill and your municipal tax bill.