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Hunting & Fishing

The Rural Municipality of Armstrong and the surrounding area is a sportsman's paradise throughout the year. From big game to waterfowl hunting, the year is full of adventures just waiting to happen.

Every spring realizes the start of the sport fishing season on Norris Lake.  The season lasts well into the fall and results in an exciting time for young and old.  As summer comes to a close the migratory birds begin their descent on the region and provide two solid months of hunting.  From Canada geese to a wide variety of ducks, the region plays host to many visitors.

With the first snow fall, November ushers in deer hunting season.  The region has always produced some of the best hunting in North America.

Winter brings with it fresh snow and ice covered lakes for a season of ice fishing.  As you can see the fun never ends all year round.  We're sure you will find that the Rural Municipality of Armstrong is truly a sportsman's paradise all year long.

Friendly reminder that any hunting on Crown lands, Crown Lease Lands & Rural Municipality Lands must need approval from the Lessee of the land.