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The Hamlet of Inwood, Manitoba is situated approximately 50 miles northwest of Winnipeg on PTH 17. Many ethnic groups put down their roots in Inwood and the surrounding districts. Ukrainian and Polish settlers to the east; Swedish homesteaders southeast of Inwood; Danish and Norwegian people west and northwest; French southwest and northwest; Icelanders to the west and English, Scotch and Irish south and west.
The expansion of the CPR Railway from Stonewall to Teulon in 1898 and construction of the Colonization road from Teulon to Inwood in 1900 brought the settlers to Inwood and beyond. In 1912 the CNR extended their railway from Grosse Isle to Inwood; making Inwood more accessible to settlers. 

Up until about 1912 Inwood was known as Cossette Post Office; named after early settlers. The story goes that the train’s turn around went into the woods. Thus the settlers changed the settlement’s name to Inwood. 

Today 200 plus people inhabit Inwood. The Inwood and rural residents are made up of farmers, owners and employees of local businesses, commuters and retirees.


The local services include: store including a liquor outlet, full service post office, a garage, a restaurant, an agricultural supplies business, snowmobile sales and repairs, well drilling and plumbing, a cattle auction mart, a transfer and the Inwood Volunteer Fire Department. Inwood School is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. The Rural Municipality of Armstrong office is located in Inwood. 

The Inwood Sports Club provides slo-pitch, camping, soccer and picnicing in the summer and curling, broomball, figure skating and public skating in the winter. The 18 hole Inwood Golf and Country Club is very popular. 

The residents of Inwood and area enjoy a quiet, peaceful way of life.