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 Inwood Garter Snake Statue 

The two snakes on the Inwood Garter Snake Statue are called “S-s-sam” and “S-s-sara”. Construction of the statue was completed in May, 1985. It is approximately 15 feet in height. “S-s-sam” is approximately 25 feet long and “S-s-sara” is approximately 29 feet long. The base of the statue is granite and limestone rocks. The snakes are made of re-bar, metal lath, polyurethane foam and fiberglass. Volunteers from Inwood fund raised for the cost of the materials and constructed the statue.  

The Inwood Garter Snake Statue was constructed to make people aware of the unique phenomenon in this area. The red sided garter snake denning area starts around Inwood and extends north to around Gypsumville. A second reason for constructing the statue was to promote tourism in the area. Snakes can be seen by the thousands emerging from their dens in May of each year. They slither to marshes to have their offspring and feed for the summer. They return to the dens in the fall for winter hibernation. This is a limestone area with many cracks and “sink holes” allowing the snakes to go below the frost line.


Meleb-Park-Cumming Mushroom Statue

The Meleb-Park-Cumming Mushroom Statue was built in 1993. It is approximately 15 feet high. The base is made of stone and cement. The three mushrooms are made of fiberglass. Mr. Wayne Arthur from the St. Andrews, Manitoba area constructed the statue. Present and former residents of the area fund raised and volunteered their time to pay for the construction and place the statue in the Meleb-Park-Cumming Memorial Park in Meleb, Manitoba. The Park is named in memory of three local one-room schools; Meleb, Park and Cumming. Meleb is approximately 60 miles north of Winnipeg on PTH 7. 

The Meleb-Park-Cumming Mushroom Statue depicts three popular local mushrooms; smorzhi (May morels), kozari (red tops of mid-summer) and the velvety pidpenky of September. Mushrooms conjure up many happy memories of picking, cooking, eating; of family and friends; and somehow always Babas (Ukrainian for Grandmother) in the background comforting, sheltering, nourishing as in childhood. People of all ages enjoy scouring the Meleb woods for mushrooms.

Meleb War Monument



The Community of Meleb and R.M. of Armstrong dedicate this monument to the men and women from the R.M. of Armstrong who served in all wars. They fought for honour and freedom of our community. 

To those of whom made supreme sacrifice, our honoured few, we’ll not forget who fought for freedom, lost, and yet gave us peace that we enjoy. 

Do rest in peace our district “Boys” 

World War 2 Fatal Casualties from R.M. of Armstrong: 

Chartrand, Henry                      Inwood

Craves, Donald                         Lillesve

Lucki, Allan                               Komarno

Peterson, John                         Sandridge

Rychlicki, Charles                     Silver

Sellegren, Hjalmar                    Inwood

Shynkarchuk, Peter                  Fraserwood

Smith, Victor                             Inwood

Trackalo, Pete                          Meleb 

World War I                            1914-1918

World War II                           1939-1945

Korean War                            1950-1953